VA Suspends Veteran ID Card Application Process

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The VA has suspended the process to apply for the newly issued Veterans ID Card.

After waiting decades for a form of veteran identification to be approved and released by the government, veterans rushed to the site to apply, causing such a backlog that the VA had to shut the process down.

During most of it’s history, the VA only issued ID cards to disabled vets, military retirees and

their families. States began to offer a endorsement on states IDs and drivers licenses that had the word “veteran” printed somewhere on the ID, as a small recognition for veterans. This made shopping at Lowes (10% discount for vets) and eating at Applebees (free meal on Veterans Day) easier; the vet no longer had to walk around with a paper DD214 in his/her pocket, they could just pull out a drivers license.

If you still want to apply, go to and enter your email address. They will contact you when the application process starts up again.

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