Veterans Should not be Deported

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I came across a website called the Deported Veterans Support House, and was astounded by what I read. I did not realize that undocumented people in the United States could sign up for the military, but they did. After being deployed to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, these men and women came back home, only to face deportation. The U.S. government, instead of granting them automatic citizenship after their honorable service, decided to send them back home. This is from their website:

The mission of the Deported Veterans Support House in Tijuana is to support deported veterans staying at the “Bunker” on their path to self-sufficiency by providing assistance in the realms of food, clothing, and shelter as they adjust to life in their new country of residence. Ultimately, we hope to see an end to the need of our services as we advocate for political legislation which would prohibit the deportation of United States Veterans , both former and current. We advocate for Veterans & their families.

I feel for these veterans, our brothers and sisters in arms, who have been literally thrown away after their service. They need our support.

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