Cold War Conversations Podcast and Keeping History Alive

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I came across the Cold War Conversations website a few weeks ago while replying to posts on Twitter. After following the link to their website, I came across a wonderful site devoted to keeping the history of the Cold War alive. Ian Sanders, the host and producer of CWC has been instrumental in keeping the history alive, whether it is interviewing former U.S. and U.K soldiers who were vital in their roles in defending Western Europe from the Soviet Block, to former students and media figures who were on the other side of the Berlin Wall during this contentious time in history.

I find it fascinating that Ian and crew are on their 5th season, and have produced 120 episodes to date. Their perseverance in keeping history alive in welcome in these uncertain times in which those who had not lived through the Cold War Era may be able to draw from its history for comparison.

Living through the Cold War was a strange time; though the threat of nuclear annihilation loomed over the horizon for decades, everyday citizens in both Blocs carried on with their lives. Thankfully, this time has passed, though new threats have emerged from the ashes of communism and radicalism around the world. Through his podcast, Ian is helping us all understand the times we lived in, by reestablishing facts that we are familiar with, and presenting new information and personal experiences that have not found their way into historical academic records.

To listen to episodes of Cold War Conversations, or if you are just interested in the Cold War in general, please visit Cold War Conversations at and you can follow them on Twitter @ColdWarPod