How to Request a Copy of a DD214

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A few years ago, I had to request a copy of my DD214. My original copies were so bad they were barely legible, and some information (awards) were left off the DD214 when I ETS’d (end term of service). 

Every veteran knows that having a legible copy of a DD214 is a lifesaver. We use it for VA home loans, veteran license plates, and identification cards. We also need it as proof to get a plot at a national cemetery (more info on that later). If you lose your DD214, don’t panic. They are easy to replace.

The information is now easily obtainable through the page which redirects you to setup an account with milconnect. Once there, you will have to create an account, and follow the instructions on how to file to get your discharge papers. Milconnect is also useful for many other benefits that are available for veterans and their families. 

Once I filed the information, it took about six weeks for my DD214 to arrive. There was no cost to me, and is provided as a service for veterans. If you want to get military records for deceased family members, there may be a fee involved.